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The history of Food & Art Festival

Finnish chef Pekka Terävä had a dream of organizing an event for his international chef friends, where he could introduce them to all the beauty and ingredients Finnish nature had to offer. A summer camp was formed around the idea, which later became a festival with a fundamental theme and union of food and art. Food & Art Festival has previously been organized between the years 2014–2018 in Mänttä-Vilppula, within the Serlachius museums and their surroundings. The festival takes place in the city of Turku during the years 2019–2023.

The annual Food & Art Festival Turku brings together all foodies, wine enthusiasts and art lovers. It is a multisensory event that has its focus on food made by visiting chefs from around the world. Every year, the event invites chefs from all around the world to get inspired by the Finnish nature (by going to the sauna, fishing and mushroom picking) and forming life-long friendships. And, of course, to cook delicious food for the festival guests. In the past years, we've had the pleasure to host chefs like Michel Bras (France), Josean Alija (Spain), Paul Svensson (Sweden) and S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Yasuhiro Fujio (Japan).

In 2019 it will be the 6th year of Food & Art Festival, and the event will take place in Turku, a city with a vivid restaurant scene. This year's theme will include internationally acclaimed chefs including finalists of the S. Pellegrino Young Chef competition. The event follows a master & apprentice ideology. The event is organized by participating art, hospitality and culinary students from Turku. The event gives young talents the possibility to gain experience by working with international top chefs.


Food & Art Festival will be organized 5–8 September 2019 in Ruissalo Shipyard and in restaurants by the Aura River of Turku, Finland.

Ruissalo Shipyard

Hevoskarintie 23
20100 Turku


Aiempien vuosien huippukeittiömestarit

"The festival offers something for everyone. Kitchen demos, tastings, discussions and design market...you name it!"
- Antti Korkka, MW-Kehitys

"When I head about Food & Art Festival, I think of the atmosphere, the food, the people and everything above combined in a beautiful union."
-  Fredrik Grahn, Arla Foods

"Life tastes fantastic after an experience like this!"
- Mika Arvila, Hartwall

"The mission of Food & Art Festival is to spread the joy of eating, drinking, art and togetherness."
- Pekka Terävä, Food Camp Finland