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Festival area

The festival program takes place in Ruissalo Shipyard, Turku. Ruissalo Shipyard is located in Hevoskarintie 23.
The entrance to the festival area is free. Tickets for paid programs are sold at Tiketti.fi. Tickets will come out for sale in spring 2020.

Sustainability at Food & Art Festival


The main themes of Food & Art Festival are ecology, local food and marine protection. These themes will be manifested in the methods of sustainable food production and consumption, as well as through provoking festival art. All the tableware at the festival is biodegradable, while the waste managing plan allows proper sorting and recycling.


Domestic and local food

Finnish food plays a major role in the festival delicacies, served throughout our whole festival program. As the top chefs design and create their own unique dishes, they draw inspiration from seasonal, high-quality products and components coming from local farmers and suppliers.

In co-operation with our sponsors, we want to make sure that the majority of the produce we use is of Finnish origin. We carry, for example, Finnish meat and fish in addition to locally grown vegetables and herbs, not to mention the very best of the harvest.  

Art with a message


This year the festival area will be filled with art works by several artists. These art works comment on social issues such as human rights and raise the question of sustainability in food production.