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The city of Turku has a long history of guild activity as well as prestigious craftsmanship. As was customary, techniques and skills were transferred from the master to the apprentice in artists' ateliers as well as kitchens. This is also the case at Food & Art Festival, where numerous young culinary and art students are invited to the festival each year, as well as more experienced masters from international gastronomic and artistic scenes.

Thanks to its maritime location, Turku has been open to influences even before modern technology. The Turku Castle, guild activity, Finland's first hotel equipped with a restaurant, the Ruissalo villa culture...there has always been culturally important things happening in the Turku region. Without a group of masters and apprentices or cooperation between generations and countries, Finland's creative cultural knowledge would not have developed as it has.


Food & Art Festival is proud to continue sharing handicraft and cultural heritage in Turku, the oldest city in Finland.


Collaboration is organized with the Turku Vocational Institute and the Turku University of Applied Sciences. The Turku Vocational Institute's culinary and tourism students will become an integral part of the festival organization. The festival offers students valuable experience for the hospitality industry.


Turku Arts Academy students will participate in the creation of the festival's artistic content. The festival will be a showroom for the works of local young students. Art students are also offered a unique opportunity to work together with Belgian contemporary artist Koen Vanmechelen during the festival.

The Master and Apprentice idea is also visible amongst the visiting chefs; senior chefs join forces with the world's best young chefs, who have been successful in the international S. Pellegrino Young Chef competition in the past few years.